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  • 07 Mar 2019

    Designing a New Homepage for Your Website

    This free workshop is your chance to take those first steps in designing a really effective homepage for your website,…
  • 28 Mar 2019

    All change! Change Management for Your Organisation

    At a time when organisations are being asked to deliver more for less resource, this free workshop will help you…
  • 10 Apr 2019

    First Steps to Funding

    This full day course is aimed at anyone new or who needs a refresher on fundraising for their organisation. The…
  • 11 Apr 2019

    Confidence Building

    This one-day course will explore what confidence is and look and some tools and techniques to help you develop confident behaviour.…
  • 04 Jun 2019

    Volunteers and the Law

    If you involve volunteers in your group or organisation, this course will help you ensure you have the correct legal…
  • 06 Jun 2019

    Conflict Resolution

    Conflicts are sometimes inevitable. This one-day course will outline best practice techniques to carry out when conflict does arise and how…
  • 20 Jun 2019

    Assertiveness in the Workplace

    This one-day course will explore what constitutes assertive behaviour and when and how to use it in a workplace setting.  …