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Grow Wild seed kits for community groups

Grow Wild is working across the UK to change lives and transform spaces with UK native wildflowers. They are inviting community groups and organisations to find an urban or unloved space and turn it into a colourful wildflower haven for the whole community to enjoy and benefit from.

You don’t need growing experience – just enthusiasm, a shared space to transform and a group of people to help make it happen.

Read more and apply for your seed kit using the online form.

Need volunteers to help?

If you have identified an area of North Tyneside to transform with wildflowers but are maybe just lacking in the number of people to help prepare the ground or plant the seeds, VODA’s Sector Connector project can help – we can put you in touch with a team of volunteers from local businesses and companies that are keen to help this kind of project. Contact us today to find out more!