Surviving or Thriving? State of the sector in the North East

Surviving or Thriving? is the name of an ongoing research project carried out by VONNE (Voluntary Organisations Network North East) in to the state of the sector in the North East. 

The most recent survey was carried out in April 2014 and found that North East charities are struggling to meet deman as welfare reform bites. The following summary is taken from VONNE's website:

"Demand for help is leaving organisations at breaking point says the largest survey into the state of charities across the North East, the 7th annual survey in our Surviving or Thriving series.  140 organisations responded to the survey, representing a broad cross section of third sector organisations in the region, from small neighbourhood groups to large national enterprising charities. Respondents operate right across the region covering every local authority.

More than 7 in 10 reported an increase in demand for their services, yet more than half are considering making redundancies in the coming year.  62% are using their reserves, but an alarming 41% only have reserves to last the next 3 months.

With the region's councils continuing to make unprecedented budget cuts many groups are finding their funding drastically reduced or pulled altogether. 76% received grants from the public sector, down from the previous year. The widely held expectation of charities being asked to deliver more public services is in decline, with less than half of groups involved in contracting, slightly down again from the previous years survey.

The future continues to look bleak for many of the region's charities, with 44% expecting to close a service."

Read the full article here.

State of the Sector: North Tyneside

VODA produces its own State of the Sector infograph, detailing the size and scale of the sector in North Tyneside - read more here...


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