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An update on government grants from North Tyneside Business Forum

Government grants cover the following periods:

  • 18 Sept – 04 Nov 2020 (Tier 2)
  • 05 Nov – 01 Dec 2020 (National Lockdown 2)
  • 02 Dec – 29 Dec 2020 (Tier 3)
  • Christmas Support Payments for Wet-led Pubs
  • 30 Dec 2020 – 04 Jan 2021 (Tier 4)
  • 5 Jan onwards (National Lockdown 3 & Top-up grants)

Funding has been issued from Government to the Local Authority for the funding periods 30 Dec onwards. Every business which qualifies for Tier 4, National Lockdown and Top-up grants will be sent an email either about remittance or a direct email informing them of the automatic payment process.

If you have already applied for Tier 2 or National Lockdown 2, please do not make a further application. Systems are designed to calculate the grants that each business is entitled to for the above periods, based on the information provided.

It is anticipated that all payments will reach qualifying business bank accounts by 31 January 2021 at the latest providing applications & evidence received and approved. More information can be found on the North Tyneside Council website here 👉https://my.northtyneside.gov.uk/…/local-restrictions…

Editors note: at present, the guidance states that this new round of grants will automatically be paid to rate-payers and there is yet to be any guidance/clarification for those that don’t pay rates, but were in receipt of earlier grants. Please contact business@northtyneside.gov.uk for more information.