Employee Volunteering

  • Newcastle Building Society

    In June 2017 volunteers from Newcastle Building Society joined forces with VODA's SAINT project to tidy up the community garden at Howdon Library. As well as making this space more useable for local people, volunteers reported improvements in their own skills, well-being and motivation. Katie Fearon of Newcastle Building Society said: "I have received only positive feedback from those who have taken part in volunteering, whether it has been from learning a new skill or team building. One of my colleagues who volunteered at the Howdon library tidy-up said: "It was good to be working with others from Newcastle Building Society, who I had never met before and I was proud of the results achieved. People can now use the garden and they can now use it for the summer fate next weekend. I would recommend volunteering as it means you might get a chance to meet new colleagues and it makes you feel like you have contributed something to the community."
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