Sector Connector

  • Ian Gardner of Bowes Gardner Associates

    Chartered surveyor Ian Gardner of Bowes Gardner Associates gives pro bono support to local groups with properties such as community centres or youth clubs, which need maintenance or renovation. “Through Sector Connector the links are directly to individuals involved with organisations that act for and to the benefit of the community, which is much more fulfilling provision of professional advice, from my point of view. The point is that I don’t need to get anything out of it; it is a case of giving something back. All of that professional work is fulfilling. There is a “feel good” factor and that I cannot deny!”
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  • Jill Dodds of Elmgrove Management Consultants

    “I only have one certificate on my office wall and that is the Sector Connector Community Friendly Business Certificate; I am extremely proud to have been able to make a difference in my local community. One of the groups I have helped was Linskill Healthy Walks and I worked with them to develop a business plan which helped them to secure grant funding to increase their offer. I actually live very close to where they meet and when I see them on a Thursday setting out on their walk I know I have helped them do that.”
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