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Comic Relief/Youth Endowment Fund: A Supportive Home

This fund is looking to answer the following question:

Which approaches are most effective in helping families and carers to create a supportive home environment for six to 14-year-old children (including looked-after children), reducing the likelihood of them becoming involved in violence?

The funders aim to identify around five to 10 programmes to fund and evaluate, and are planning to spend between £6m and £10m. The focus is on programmes where the evidence of positive impact on children is promising, and on four main areas:

  • Parenting programmes
  • Family therapy interventions
  • Programmes to reduce parental conflict
  • Domestic abuse interventions.

Programmes should involve a referral or assessment by a local authority children’s service or other relevant statutory body, but may be provided by charities, public services, or private sector organisations.

Deadline: 1 December 2021 (opens: 27 September 2021).

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