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Community Foundation – changes to grant-making policy

The Community Foundation has made a few changes to its rules on grant-making that applicants should be aware of .

  • First-time applicants will initially be limited to one grant. This is to ensure that such groups don’t take on too many grants until they have shown they can manage them. The restriction will be lifted as soon as groups submit their first satisfactory monitoring information.
  • The Foundation will no longer accept applications from groups that have not provided monitoring on a previous grant, nor non-charitable social enterprises that do not provide a business plan.
  • It has clarified its position on funding to faith groups, making it clear that the only applications it would not consider are those whose primary purpose is the advancement of religion.
  • Applicants must be able to show that safeguarding is a priority. This means both having adequate policies and procedures in place and the commitment to ensure they are properly implemented.

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