Crowdfunder – Cost of Living Resilience Fund

The Cost of Living Resilience Fund supports social sector organisations in areas of deprivation providing services to support people struggling with the rising cost of living. The fund aims to increase sustainability in these organisations by supporting them to deliver projects which build organisational stability and resilience.

The types of services being delivered may include (but are not limited to):

  • Provision of advice, in particular debt and financial advice.
  • Provision of warm spaces over winter, linked to the provision of wider advice & support services.
  • Provision of no or low cost food, through food banks or food delivery boxes.
  • Support with housing needs whether that be through advice to those made homeless, provision of low/no cost home furnishings or provision of housing itself.
  • Access to transport to enable people to access shops or facilities and employment.

Up to £50,000. CIO, Community Benefit Society, CIC, Co-operative Society.

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