VODA will be attending the first ever Hello Hope event in Killingworth on Saturday 16 March. This free event is an opportunity for charities to show the local community the outstanding work they do and some of the amazing people who have had their lives changed by the generosity of others.

The purpose of the event is to:

  • To highlight charities to those who need help.
  • To introduce the charities to the wider community of North Tyneside.
  • To engage the charities with one another – improve signposting and referral.
  • To connect the charities/potential volunteers with the services of VODA.

Alongside VODA, there will be over 15 other charities attending, including North Tyneside Recovery Partnership, Safe Families for Children, Anxious Minds, SomeOne Cares and CAP Debt Centre.

Saturday 16 March, 10am to 4pm at the White Swan Centre, Killingworth, NE12 6SS.

For more information, call Viv on 07926 614 462 or email info@hellohope.org.uk