VONNE is hosting a roundtable event to explore the challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the broad range of voluntary action that has been evidenced during the recent pandemic.

This roundtable is an opportunity to bring together volunteer-involving organisations, mutual aid organisations and support organisations from across the region to share their experiences about the challenges over the last year of engaging volunteers and members of the community, and the extent to which mobilising voluntary action has and hasn’t worked.

Our keynote speakers will be Professor Irene Hardill and Dr Laura Crawford from Northumbria University who will provide a summary of some of the key findings of their national research into Mobilising Voluntary Action.

We welcome organisations that can contribute to discussions and help us consider:

  • What have been the challenges of engaging voluntary action?
  • What innovative solutions have been adopted? What did we do differently?
  • Has the profile of people coming forward to engage in voluntary action changed?
  • What worked/didn’t work?
  • What have we learned? What would we keep? Is it transferable?

When: 14 July 2021
Location: Online over Zoom