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Free Social Media Workshops from Accenture

Accenture is delivering a series of three workshops for charities over the next month.  Accenture highly recommend that charities attend all of the sessions as they seamlessly interlock together:
Introduction to Social Media (Wednesday 10 March 1pm to 2.30pm)
Benefits of social media for charities and the ways in which it can increase engagement with supporters and be utilised to support the running of charities.  A high-level walk through of the various platforms available and what they can each offer, covering areas such as audience and usability to give you a basic idea of which platforms may work best for your charity.
Functionalities of Social Media platforms (Tuesday 23 March pm to 3pm)
The ‘how to’ for each of the social media platforms. This session will provide a more in depth walk through of each of the platforms and their capabilities, covering the functionalities of the various social media platforms and technical tips.
Creating Engaging Content and Analysing Data (Tuesday 6 April 1pm to 2pm)
Tips on adapting your content to different social media platforms, creating engaging and accessible content, and increasing social media presence.  The benefits of integrating Social Media Monitoring Tools, also referred to as Social Listening and Tracking Tools whilst expanding an online presence. These will allow charities to monitor their social media engagement, relevant to their products from one interface dashboard.
The sessions are free of charge but there are limited spaces available, so if you are interested you should register your interest at ntc.newcastlecharity@accenture.com as soon as possible.