Health, Wellbeing and Information: focusing on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities

Meet VODA’s Health, Wellbeing and Information Worker:

My name is Safiah and I’m the new Health, Wellbeing and Information Worker at VODA. I work specifically with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities.

My role is to:

  • Build strong relationships within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities
  • Work with Public Health in order to deliver effective health messages to communities in North Tyneside.
  • Create spaces for people to share feedback about any barriers they face when it comes to accessing health information or services.

Why is there a specific health, wellbeing and information worker for ethnic communities?

Health inequality can be defined as avoidable, unfair and systematic differences in health between different groups of people. It arises when some people have poorer access to resources that support health and are more exposed to health risks than others.

According to the ‘Is Britain Fairer’ report, people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are more likely to suffer from poorer health compared to the rest of the population.

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed these inequalities with people from ethnic communities, particularly people from Black and Asian backgrounds, being disproportionately affected by the virus. Black people, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Indians are more likely to die of a coronavirus related illness than white people and over 63% of UK health and social care workers who die from the virus were from black, minority or ethnic backgrounds.

One part of tackling this inequality is to make sure everyone has access to health information and to listen to people in communities about the barriers they face when accessing healthcare services.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities in North Tyneside

Around 6% of population in North Tyneside identify as being from an ethnic community – this is around 12,000 people. We want everyone across North Tyneside to enjoy good health and wellbeing, in order to do this, we need to better understand different people’s experiences of accessing health care and services.

Get involved

Are you a part of a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic community in North Tyneside? Eager to talk about access to health concerns for people within your community and what health information could be useful? Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! Contact Safiah at

North Tyneside Community Health Champions

A Community Health Champion is someone who shares trusted health messages to people in their network, that could be a neighbour, a friend or a colleague.

Anyone can be a Health Champion and now more than ever we need people all across North Tyneside sharing health information so everyone across our communities gets the information they need to stay safe.

Want to be a Health Champion? Sign up here.

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