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Innovation from all angles: new Charity Comms report

Why do we need to be innovative? How can innovation help charities? And what is innovation anyway?

This report from Charity Comms focuses on charity communications, but in reality innovation applies to all areas of an organisation. It’s about thinking and behaving differently to achieve something new and better.

Innovation is most effective when embedded into the working culture; it needs to be considered across every aspect of an organisation. Innovation is also about how people (including supporters, service users and beneficiaries) interact with the brand, the operations and each other.

From developing a strong organisational culture to conducting a one-to-one meeting, there is always scope for innovation to bring benefits. And because innovation doesn’t immediately need capital investment or sweeping changes to work, there’s no excuse not to try.

Innovation can happen today. Right now. Just go to your Twitter feed and ask your followers if they’d like to join an audience panel you’re setting up to test new campaign ideas. There you go, you’ve just been innovative.

Innovation can change your organisational strategy. Add an item to your next trustee meeting to talk about including your failures within your next impact report, as StreetLeague and CLIC Sargent have done.

There are billions of resources for anyone to use, all sitting there, free of charge, waiting for someone with a new idea and an innovative character to pick them up and run with them. For a sector as passionate, vital and lean as the charity sector, what could be a better tool for success?

The report includes innovation links, tools, templates and resources and can be read at the Charity Comms website.

Also, Zoe Amar interviews Adeela Warley, CEO of Charity Comms about why charities need to innovate.