Linskill Trust to oversee Tynemouth Station Book Fairs

Linskill Trust helps write the next chapter in the life of Tynemouth Station Book Fairs

Besides their regular markets, Tynemouth Station has hosted regular book fairs for almost 30 years. With four dedicated events per annum, Tynemouth Station Book Fairs have been a regular fixture in the Station’s calendar and now the greatly-missed Tynemouth Station Book Fair returns in April after two years of Covid cancellations. These hugely popular fairs are the only independent book fairs in the Tyne and Wear area. Now, Linskill Trust has stepped up to provide resources and support to ensure that the events will continue to run for many more years.

The Trust will oversee the running of the fairs by supporting a group of volunteers and a freelance worker. The management of the costs associated with running the fair will be handled by the Trust’s experienced team at the Linskill Centre.

Art exhibitions on the station bridge are assured of a bright future too. Funded by the surplus created by the book fairs, the Bridge Gallery exhibits works created by local schools, community groups and individual artists. The works are mounted and curated by North Tyneside Art Studio, based at the Linskill Centre.

The combination of the fairs, the art and community links at the station has provided valuable support to residents of North Tyneside for many years. The original Flea Markets of the 1970s had a small number of bookstalls nestled amongst stallholders offering a range of household goods. Following a one-off large scale book fair in the early 90s, local book dealers expressed an interest in expanding the number of bookstalls at the market. This led to the Friends of Tynemouth Station beginning their regular series of book fairs, held on the West Concourse, that continues to this day.

The help from Linskill’s Trust will help sustain the fairs and the art gallery for the enjoyment and benefit of the whole community.

Best-selling North-east crime writer (and now also Friend of the Book Fair) Ann Cleeves OBE is its most prominent supporter.  She says, ‘I’m delighted that Tynemouth Station Book Fair will return this year, as a celebration of reading in all its forms. A must-visit for collectors, sellers and all book-lovers. Please come along and show your support.’ “

This year’s fairs will take place on 24th April, 19th June, 21st August and 16th October. Booksellers can apply now to secure their stalls via email on, telephone on 07758 330219.

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