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New TyneHealth Long Covid resource hub

Tynehealth Post-Covid Syndrome, For some people, Covid-19 can cause symptoms that last weeks or months after the infection has gone. This is sometimes calls Long Covid or Post Covid Syndrome

What is Long Covid

In October 2020 the following definition of Post COVID-19 Syndrome was made:

“Signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection consistent with COVID-19, continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis. It usually presents with clusters of symptoms, often overlapping, which can fluctuate and change over time and can affect any system in the body. Post-COVID-19 syndrome may be considered before 12 weeks while the possibility of an alternative underlying disease is also being assessed.” NICE, October 2020

New resource hub for Long Covid

TyneHealth, the North Tyneside GP Federation which all of the practices in North Tyneside, has created a really valuable set of resources for those suffering Long Covid – which we encourage you to read and share with your networks.

The hub contains advice on symptoms, when and how to get help, FAQs, online resources and information what to expect from Long Covid clinics.

Covid, Me and My New Wheels

TyneHealth’s Medical Director Dr Susannah Thompson has spoken about her own experiences of Long COVID in a video monologue she wrote and performed for an open mic event earlier this year.

Susannah is passionate about support for those with Long COVID and championing the voice of the patient in shaping NHS plans and services around this condition. She is a GP, who used to love walking and swimming in the sea, but due to Long COVID is learning to rest and pace, and make the best of this new way of life.


TyneHealth is also hoping to create a supportive on-line community for North Tyneside residents on their website and through the @TyneHealth social media channels and are encouraging people to share their experiences with Long COVID using the hashtag #MyLongCOVID.

Access the Long Covid resource hub