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North of Tyne Community Led Local Funding

North of Tyne Community Led Local Development (NT CLLD) is a locally managed funding programme that targets selected areas in Newcastle upon Tyne & Wallsend to encourage local groups rooted in their communities to suggest, design and deliver projects that contribute to increased employment, develop businesses and improve opportunities to enhance local life.

NT CLLD is inviting organisations to share their project ideas with them in the anticipation of Round 4 CLLD funding opening in early 2021. If you have an idea for a project in response to the implications of the pandemic and Brexit, that can support the CLLD Fund priorities, they are keen to hear from you,

Fund priorities;

  1. Supporting local people to overcome the barriers to education, training, employment or self-employment;
  2. Supporting local people with a business idea to set up a business;
  3. Providing tailored business support to local SMEs.

If this sounds like something you could do please visit the website and complete the funding questionnaire. They will respond to you within 5 working days. They are especially interested in projects that would be “ready to go” with some funding already secured.