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Put yourself in this situation:

You get a call from social services out of the blue telling you that unless you attend a ward of court hearing the next day and agree to look after your sister's three kids they'll be put into care because of her chronic drug addiction. Twenty four hours later you're looking after two new toddlers and another in nappies on top of your own two Under Fives. You have to give up your job to look after all five kids full time, which means you can't claim any benefits because you've deliberately given up your paid employment and therefore have to live off your very limited savings to keep things going. You can't afford a solicitor who could help you get a Special Guardianship Order which would make you the official guardian of your sisters three kids and thus allow you to claim the official benefits that go with that designation. You don't have a spare room so have to sleep on your sofa with your niece for the next six months until you've saved enough up for a triple bunk.

Sound rough? This is an actual story of someone in the UK who had to make a snap decision to become a kinship carer to her sisters kids to avoid them going into the care system and keep them within the safety of the extended family. Could you help make a positive difference to the many children within kinship care in the Wallsend area (along with their carers & wider families) by becoming a trustee with this group? Perhaps you could help support them in their quest to fundraise for a Respite Holiday Caravan for the families they support, or have other skills and experience you could bring to the table to help this group flourish? If you'd like an informal, friendly chat about what might be possible then please contact us and we can take it from there - we look forward to meeting you!

WKC is looking for new trustees to join WKC existing trustees. Depending on their own wishes they may be purely Committee Trustees attending meetings approx. every 3 months. Or, if they wish to be more involved, they could attend the fortnightly group meetings with mainly the carers. These are mutual supporting gatherings over a cup of coffee. These meetings are currently taking place remotely. Sometimes interesting activities are organised and sometimes speakers on helpful subjects are invited. Kinship Caring is a stressful activity and when amongst other carers they relax knowing they are among friends who have similar problems – an opportunity to let their hair down.

During school holidays weekly activities are planned hopefully outside. If new Trustees would like to help on these occasions, they would be made very welcome. Ideally we would like to find someone who has an interest in planning events for both the carers and children.

About Wallsend Kinship Carers

This support network is open to mostly grandparents caring permanently for their often damaged or traumatised grandchildren, other family members or even friends may be included. Meetings are held regularly once a fortnight on a Friday, weekly during school holidays. Members benefit from meeting other members in the same situation to share experience and give support. Often, they have speakers with relevant subject matter. During school holidays entertainment or activities are provided for the children in their care. Sadly, their grandparents have limited financial support and find the high level of care required totally exhausting.

What skills do I need?

We are a group of mainly grandparents, but occasionally other family/friends who care for children whose parents are unable to keep their children due to drugs, alcohol or even prison. Often these children have been traumatised by their early life experience and suffer from problems on the Autistic spectrum.

Ideally our new Trustees will be fond of children and might be willing to assist in group activities. They have to be aware of safeguarding issues especially with damaged children.

We are looking for trustees with a range of skills - do get in touch to talk more about the roles available.

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    As a charity we have to raise all funds – out of pocket expenses will be refunded.
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    All existing Trustees will be keen to familiarise new members.
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    Reading material will be offered to familiarise new members with the group’s circumstances.
  • Volunteers covered by insurance
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Availability Details

We meet in St Luke’s Church Hall fortnightly but many school holiday activities take place outside, in parks, country walks and beach activities. Ideally, we would like two new trustees to join the 4 existing Trustees – if one was interested in becoming secretary that would be ideal

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