The SAINT (Social Action in North Tyneside) project supports people facing barriers to volunteering, such as mental health problems or other long-term conditions, to come together and create social action projects for the benefit of the wider community.

Projects can be around any shared interest or community concern, from arts and crafts to homelessness, environmental issues to supporting older people, and can take the form of events, campaigns, awareness raising, practical support, creative projects and everything in between. We can support you to meet people who may have similar interests or experiences and help you to set up and carry out a social action project for the benefit of the wider North Tyneside community. See below for examples of current SAINT projects and the different ways you can get involved!

SAINT Projects

Find out about current projects you can get involved with, and read about some of SAINT’s past activities here:

As a volunteer

If you are facing barriers to volunteering, such as mental health or another long-term condition, and you want to get more involved in your community, the SAINT project could be for you. Contact us for more information.

As a volunteer facilitator

If you would like to support SAINT volunteers to plan and deliver their social action projects or deliver a training session or workshop as part of the project, we’d love to hear from you.

As a project host

If your group or organisation could use the help of a team of volunteers, or you have an idea of where a social action project could really make a difference, then let us know.