Sir James Knott Trust is introducing an online application which will come into effect on 31 March 2020. The main goal is to make it the best it could be for users and hopefully speed up the process of applying for funding.

The form has been tested and based on feedback has been tweaked to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

The Trust is also providing accessible versions of the form for those who are partially sighted or have other needs and, if necessary, applicants can still send applications by email.

Their website has been updated with new guidelines on how to complete the form but anyone experiencing problems can get in touch by contacting: info@knott‐

The Trust welcomes feedback on ways to improve the form. Hopefully, all applicants will benefit but they will make adjustments as and when required.

An additional change to grant‐making, is that in future the Trust will not require an umbrella organisation to hold a payment for non‐registered charities, community groups and social enterprises. They will pay the grant direct to the applicant. The normal checks and balances will still have to be followed of course.

The trustees and staff of Sir James Knott Trust hope these changes will improve the service and in light of the current crisis, it made sense to launch it at the earliest opportunity while everyone is working from home.

Please visit to access the guidelines and form.