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The best data resources for UK charities

Charity Digital News highlights some of the best resources for charities to start applying the power of data to their impact, fundraising and everyday operations…

There’s a huge amount of buzz in the non-profit sector right now around how the intelligent use of data can help charities.

Charities have always collected and used data as part of what they do, but it’s only now that the tools and computing resources are becoming available for them to really engage with larger sets of data in a meaningful way.

There is now a general awareness emerging that charities of all sizes can and should be alert to the data they can use to understand their service users’ needs, improve operational effectiveness, understand and showcase their impact and better present information to the public.

Charity Digital News has catalogued some of the best data resources for charities, looking at the partners and educational hubs that charities can use to get a step up into the world of data, and some of the best sources of open data to start exploring once they get a grasp on the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’.

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