Volunteer vaccination stewards: one year on!

This week saw the one year anniversary of the first Covid-19 vaccinations delivered in North Tyneside. Volunteer Kevin (famous for his interesting hat collection) was there on the first day at the Oxford Centre and has shared with us his reflections of the past year. 
Today marks one year since the first vaccination was given in North Tyneside, and of course it was at the Oxford Centre. Just been looking at the photos and 4 out of the 5 volunteers that were on that night are still regulars.
It’s been a long year and I doubt most of us thought we would still be at it a year on but it’s been a great experience, from seeing North Tyneside lead the way with people getting their first jab, seeing the same people coming back for their second, the hundreds of thank yous we have received from patients and the real team spirit at the Oxford Centre and of course your excellent organisation.
As we make another big push it’s worth remembering what life was like a year ago. We were in lockdown, most places closed (a nightclub being open seemed a long way away rather than just needing a pass to get in) and for many of the patients the visit to the vaccination centre was their first time out of the house in months. With all the worry about the Omicron we should remember we are a lot better off than we would have been if it wasn’t for the vaccination campaign.
Tynehealth photo from that first night where we did 55 patients 🙂


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