For a number of years, VODA has worked in partnership with Northumbria University to provide placement opportunities for Occupational Therapy students. Occupational Therapists are registered health professionals who work with individuals, groups and communities to provide practical support to empower people to overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities and occupations that matter to them.

The placement offered by VODA is part of a programme of ‘Role Emerging’ placements, where students carry out placements in non-traditional and emerging areas of practice. This helps students to think about health and wellbeing needs outside of traditional and statutory services, and in turn, helps to prepare them for employment in a range of settings and roles.

During a placement at VODA, an Occupational Therapy student uses their skills and knowledge to work with the individuals, groups and communities involved with the organisation, with a particular focus on engagement in the occupation of volunteering. Examples of work undertaken by past students on placement include working with individuals to help them overcome personal barriers to engaging in volunteering; developing new training, assessment and evaluation tools; working with community groups to help them develop new projects to engage with and involve local people

Students who have completed a placement with VODA have always evaluated the placement positively, enjoying the opportunity to learn from the expertise of existing staff and service users, understanding the benefits of engagement in the occupation of volunteering to individuals and communities, and participating in practical activities and projects to overcome barriers and promote wellbeing.

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