Young Volunteer of the Year: Dylan Weatheritt (Out of Sight)


Young Volunteer of the Year – VODA Awards 2018 from Robin on Vimeo.

Dylan is 14 and was nominated for volunteering with Out of Sight, a registered charity which provides free outings, events and respite holidays for children with visual impairments and complex disabilities and their families. Dylan has been volunteering with the charity for a number of years, since the death of his nephew at a young age inspired him to fundraise and volunteer for a good cause. Dylan’s mum, Anna Weatheritt, said:

“Dylan is 14 and has ADHD but this has not stopped him doing some wonderful gestures of kindness and compassion. He has enthusiasm about everything he does and is very passionate about Out of Sight. He has stood for hours doing bag packs in shops, caroling at Christmas to help raise money, helped to make decorations for the Out of Sight parties and ran the Junior Great North Run and Colour Rush events. Dylan lost a nephew at a young age and had to grieve and move on and this is why he is so passionate about supporting these children and their families – so they can be helped to lead happy and fulfilled lives.”


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