Voluntary Organisation of the Year 2021: Phoenix Detached Youth Project

The Phoenix Detached Youth Project in North Shields started in February 2004. Working with hundreds of young people every year the project makes a real difference to the lives of people of all ages throughout the local community.

The small staff team at Phoenix Detached Youth Project has worked tremendously hard to support local people in Chirton and Riverside during the pandemic. They provide vital practical and emotional support to some of our most vulnerable residents.

Support provided has included:

  • Free laptops to 50+ local children to support homeschooling (many of the children were previously having to do their work on mobile phones)
  • Emotional support to young people and parents who were suffering with their mental health due to the pressure of lockdown.
  • Outdoor detached youth work to continue engaging with local young people who were struggling to stay well during the lockdown * Free food parcels and gas and electric credit to local people
  • Looked out for older people living in local sheltered accommodation
  • Provided a mobile santa service dishing out gifts to local children
  • Teamed up with staff at the Cedarwood Trust to reach as many people as possible

The fact that these 3 members of staff continued to offer a service throughout lockdown is amazing. Their passion and dedication deserves reward and recognition. Congratulations!


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