Alex Clowry: Good Neighbours Volunteer

My name is Alex Clowry, I’m a homeowner in Chirton and currently a local Estate Agent who’s also studying at Northumbria University as a mature student in Building Surveying.

I’ve been furloughed as I’m not classed as a key worker, so the initial reason I wanted to volunteer was that I had days to fill, energy to spare and I get bored easily! I’m also a practicing Christian and the Bible certainly teaches us to help others as often as we can, I saw this as a good way to do so.

Due to the busy nature of my life, working and studying 6 day weeks, I’ve never had time to commit to voluntary work before now but this experience has led me to decide that I definitely will be finding the time after this lockdown, hopefully to continue volunteering under the Good Neighbours scheme!

So far, I’ve been delivering food parcels across North Shields and Wallsend and also going to pharmacies to collect prescriptions and dropping those off where needed.

I’m admittedly quite a selfish, generous person. By that I mean I love to help others, but a large part of the reason why I love it is the benefit it provides to me by how good it makes me feel. This experience has had a positive effect on my own mental health and I’ve really enjoyed just getting out my house and helping people, as I live alone and it can get quite tedious on lockdown!

What would I say to anyone considering volunteering during the outbreak? Quite simple really… do it!


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