Good Neighbours Case Study: Hazel

Haze; GNWhen I broke my hip in November, it was a huge shock to me and very unexpected. I was living on my own and the weather was really bad. We were going through a cold snap with snow and ice. I didn’t feel confident at all stepping outside of my front door.

I felt stuck, I was very isolated and feeling very lonely. I was signposted to VODA and they gave me support when I needed it most. The staff were so supportive and helpful to me, and I was so relieved that I was able to get help from a volunteer who was happy to get my shopping for me.

One of my biggest concerns was that I was not able to get food and litter for my lovely cats, but VODA made sure that we all looked after.

I would really recommend the Good Neighbours project; the staff and volunteers are amazing, and the support made the world of difference to me when I needed it.

Visit our Good Neighbours page to find out more and see what volunteering opportunities are available.


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