Setting Up

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We can support you to set up a new community group, voluntary organisation or even charity and help to turn your ideas in to a reality.

This section includes advice on getting like-minded people involved, deciding the purpose of your group, and agreeing a set of rules or principles that will govern your group. We also offer information about things you may need to do, such as open a bank account and allocate roles in the group, as well as about the different legal structures that a community group or organisation can use and how to set up different types of organisation.

See our Information Sheets below or contact us for further support.

Case study

Case Study: Wallsend Kinship Carers

This group of North Tyneside grandparents who, as kinship carers, are raising their grandchildren, wanted to establish themselves as an independent, self-governed group to provide peer support, activities and information sharing on a formal basis. After helping the group to define their aims and objectives, we helped them to become constituted, delivered training on roles […]

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