Homeshare UK

Homeshare-UK-Poppy-and-Zeb-laughingHomeshare UK is an innovative way of tackling the social care and housing crisis, which enables people to share their lives for mutual gain. It’s a shared living way of life, tackling two key issues in society around isolation and affordable housing. Homeshare tackles two key issues in society; loneliness and a lack of safe, affordable accommodation.

Homeshare is an inter-generational programme, that brings together people with spare rooms, who are looking for support and companionship and matches them with those who are happy to offer some support around the house, in exchange for affordable housing. Homeshare helps older people remain at home, independently for longer, while benefitting those struggling to find affordable accommodation. It allows an opportunity for affordable accommodation at a time of record housing shortages and high rental costs. It reduces isolation and loneliness for both younger and older people. The model has a direct impact on health and well-being, reducing pressure on key public services, emergency services, GPs, families, and statutory and health services. Homesharing enables householders to keep their independence and gain a sense of security while providing homesharers low-cost, sociable and safe accommodation. It gives peace of mind to both parties and their families. To find out more you can visit the Homeshare website. You can complete an Expression Of Interest Form if you would like to find out more about becoming a Householder or Homesharer for yourself or someone you may know here.


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