Jo Milne, founder and Chair of UK Charity Cure Usher has teamed up with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to create an educational film which will help to raise awareness about the condition both within the NHS and the wider public.

The film, which gives viewers an insight into what life is like for Jo as well as hearing from medical professionals, was produced by Northumbria Healthcare’s charity, Bright, with funding from NHS Charities Together.

Cure Usher focuses primarily on supporting people with Usher syndrome and those with combined hearing and sight loss. They play a positive role in developing and embedding awareness campaigns across all genres, including schools, the NHS and the wider public and raising funding to support research into finding a cure.

Jo Milne, who has Usher Syndrome, has been raising awareness and campaigning for over 20 years: “I’m delighted to share this film with you, working with Northumbria NHS Healthcare Trust has been a valuable first step to raise awareness and I hope the wider community follow this example.”

View the video on YouTube.