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CRASH is a construction industry charity,primarily assisting homelessness charities and hospices with construction projects by sourcing, on their behalf, pro-bono or discounted professional expertise and materials from patron companies and others within the industry.

CRASH can also award cash grants but it is not a large grant giving body and grants are only awarded when patron companies are also involved providing professional expertise and materials. In 2018/2019 £274,769 was awarded to 18 projects as unrestricted grants.

Homelessness charities need to own the freehold for the building or hold the lease (with at least five years to run) and be delivering services to single homeless men and women over the age of 18 at least four days a week.

Hospices must have a legal interest in the building, unless the application relates to requesting professional advice regarding a building the charity wishes to lease or buy. It must own the freehold for the building or hold the lease (with at least 10 years to run) and deliver in-patient and/or day services to people in need of end of life care (hospice charity shops are not included).

Please also note that CRASH cannot consider applications where construction has already begun or will be beginning in the next two months.

No deadline

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