Joseph Rank Trust

Grants are available across two main areas of interest:

  • Projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people of all ages
  • The adaptation of Church properties with a view to providing improved facilities for use by the church and its work in the community in which it is based (please note, there are additional restrictions and guidelines for Methodist Church applications).

Grants can either be one-off grants for capital expenditure or three-year grants for core costs or project funding. Each grant application is considered on its own merits. Applicants must ensure that they have other sources of funding or can match any funding the trust might provide (not applicable for capital grants).

£2,849,500 was awarded in grants in 2020. The Trustees will next meet in July and October to consider applications.

Previously £10,000 – £100,000. Registered charities / except / exempt. No deadline.

Read more and apply here.


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