Why be a Trustee, what’s in it for me?

Becoming a Charity Trustee: Benefits for Young Professionals

While many may assume that becoming a charity trustee is solely for established professionals, the reality is that individuals at all stages of their careers can reap significant benefits from this fulfilling role. In fact, for young professionals eager to advance their careers, becoming a trustee can be a strategic and impactful move.

Across the UK, charities of all sizes face a crucial challenge: attracting enough trustees. One in four smaller charities and one in five larger ones struggle to recruit individuals with the skills and experience needed to effectively guide and manage their organizations. This is where young professionals can step in and bridge the gap.

The benefits to the charities are clear, but the question remains what motivates individuals to become trustees? With young professionals juggling busy schedules and career aspirations, devoting time and energy to a volunteer role might seem counterintuitive. However, the rewards of becoming a trustee are substantial, particularly for individuals seeking to advance their careers.

Being a trustee is an excellent way to develop your management and leadership skills and gain experience that can help you progress your professional career.

It allows you to get great experience of a board-type position, and to meet some fascinating people who you wouldn’t necessarily come across in other circumstances.  Attend events and develop working relationships with other professionals.

Trustees have great opportunities to cut their teeth in leadership, championing a project, being responsible for a hard-working team, working directly with organisational leaders.

A win-win for for Employers and Employees

There are advantages for the employers too. Encouraging staff to take up a Trustee role supports their own desire to give back and helps them develop their skills and expand their networks which can often reap rewards within their full-time role.

Charities need your help!

With public funding facing constant challenges, the need for well-governed charities is critical. The good news is that anyone over 18 (and even some individuals over 16) can become a charity trustee. A recent study by the Charity Commission revealed that less than 3% of trustees are under 30. This presents an opportunity for young professionals to bring their unique skills – technological expertise, flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit – to the sector.

Ready to make a difference?

You can find out more about being a Young Trustee at www.youngtrusteesmovement.org/

You can view the current Trustee Vacancies in North Tyneside here.

Or if you would like to speak to someone further, please send your contact details to [email protected]


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