A Wellbeing Framework for the North of Tyne

North of Tyne Combined Authority Wellbeing Framework Report Cover showing the north of tyne region on a blue mapThe North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) , in a partnership with Carnegie UK Trust and stakeholders from across the North of Tyne have created a Wellbeing Framework to help deliver their inclusive economy ambitions.

In 2021, Carnegie UK and NCTA brought together a ‘Roundtable on Wellbeing in the North of Tyne’ – a group of specialists with experience in different sectors, who were tasked with exploring the possibilities for a wellbeing approach to pandemic recovery.

The subsequent Roundtable on Wellbeing in the North of Tyne Report details the approach and the evidence that they gathered and considered; and presents a Wellbeing Framework for the North of Tyne with a set of recommendations for implementation. The report was submitted to the North of Tyne Cabinet, which formally endorsed the recommendations and adopted the proposed Wellbeing Framework in January 2022, and, in doing so, committed to putting wellbeing at the heart of decision-making.

The Wellbeing Framework provides decision-makers and their partners with a tool for understanding local wellbeing priorities and for tracking progress towards a shared vision. It promises to have a significant impact on improving the lives of everyone who lives in the North of Tyne.


Read the full report here.


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