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COVID-19 Funding

In a challenging time for the sector, we are here to provide advice, information and guidance on the funding landscape for voluntary and community sector organisations in North Tyneside. Please check this page for regular updates on the COVID-19 funding landscape, as well as our social media accounts – Facebook and Twitter. Keep yourself up-to-date with new sources of funding by signing up for VODA’s free fortnightly e-bulletin.

In this section:

Overview of COVID-19 Funding Landscape (updated June 2021)

We’re now well over a year into Covid and we’ve all experienced the stressful roller coaster of going into and coming out of a series of lockdowns and having to work out each time what that meant we could and couldn’t do in terms of the level of service we could provide to the most important people in the equation – our users. Simply put, it’s been a nightmare and the ride still isn’t over

A lot of face-to-face work has either been suspended totally or vastly curtailed to comply with social distancing regulations

Community centres and other organisations which rent rooms out have seen their revenue streams drop off a cliff along with charity shops selling donated goods

Many of us have had to reshape our services to comply with social distancing, meaning we could only deliver to a much-reduced number of beneficiaries; some have modified the support they are able to provide by going partially or totally online; still others have repurposed their service by providing food & other vital necessities to the most vulnerable members of their community, whether by pick-up from their premises or via volunteer doorstop drops

Now the dust has settled a bit we’ve seen the majority of funders react very positively to the extremely precarious position many of us found ourselves in, with responses tailored to the need to cover basic running costs to ensure survival and fewer restrictions placed on outcomes and quicker turnaround in many cases

We’ve even had some of the promised government funding eventually filter down to the charity sector, even if it has been mostly tacked on to the support designed for business so the application process had us all scratching our heads in frustration to a greater or lesser degree as we tried to work out who was and wasn’t eligible

That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet (and there are still a fair number of charities teetering on the brink of survival) but we’re slowly moving from the response phase to being able to tentatively plan ahead once again for when restrictions are at least not as great as they have been and we can think of getting back to something resembling normal delivery (while hopefully retaining those online services introduced out of necessity which have worked particularly well)

VODA continue to monitor and publicise all relevant new sources of funding for charities in North Tyneside (whether registered, unregistered or social enterprise) which we list here on the website. We’ll continue to divide them into Covid funding and non-Covid related funding, until the need for Covid funding will hopefully reduce and eventually flatten out (sooner rather than later we fervently hope).

We augment this information by providing a fortnightly update on new sources of (deadline-driven) funding in the free VODA ebulletin – if you aren’t already a subscriber sign up here.

We’ll also try to keep the funds listed on this website as up-to-date as possible so bookmark this page and keep checking back regularly

The longer-term picture

One trend we have noticed over the last 15+ months is that funders have been looking much more favourably on charities and organisations which have managed to stay open and delivering in some way, even if at a vastly reduced level, whether online, by telephone or social media to provide some kind of vital support to their most vulnerable beneficiaries or others needing urgent help in their local community, rather than those which have to all intents and purposes shut up shop and ceased services in the hope the situation will look better when they come out of hibernation again sometime further down the line.

VODA Funding Support

VODA continues to offer support to charities/not-for-profits looking for funding for their organisation – whether in the form of core costs, sub-project costs, equipment or capital for renovation of premises and can help with identification of suitable funders together with support on writing individual bids – if your organisation is based in North Tyneside or needs funding for beneficiaries based in North Tyneside, please contact VODA Funding Adviser Frank Gillender at frank.gillender@voda.org.uk for free advice and support.

COVID-19 Funds

Sport England’s Return to Play Fund

Sport England £16.5 million fund provides additional help to the sport and physical activity sector during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The Return to Play Fund will support groups, clubs and organisations who’ve been impacted by restrictions brought in to tackle the disease, and is part of our overall response to the crisis that now includes more than £220m of government and National Lottery funding. Read more here.


National Lottery Funding Streams

This National Lottery COVID-19 Fund in England has now closed. But you can still apply for National Lottery funding to help your community through COVID-19. The Lottery will continue to support people and communities most adversely impacted by COVID-19.


Community Foundation Coronavirus fund

The Community Foundation is still open (via general applications) to Covid response/relief work AND to general (not specifically Covid-related) applications, but will be spending most of the recovery funding they have available by pro-actively approaching previously funded groups they identify themselves. Read the statement from Community Foundation CEO Rob Williamson. 


RW Mann Trust

This trust has not announced any specific COVID-related response but is already an excellent, quick response funder providing amounts up to £1000 for smaller Registered Charities. Read more and apply here.


Foyle Foundation: Small Grants Scheme

The Small Grants Scheme is designed to support charities operating in the UK, especially those working at grassroots and local community level, in any field, across a wide range of activities. They are making one-year grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 only to cover core costs or essential equipment, to enable ongoing service provision, homeworking, or delivery of online digital services to charities that can show financial stability. Read here.

Local & National Government Support

North Tyneside Business & VCS Recovery Programme

North Tyneside Council Business Recovery Programme offers quick-access to free and practical hands-on support for North Tyneside businesses and voluntary and community organisation to aid their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme eliminates the need for businesses (and charities) to go through the procurement process, a funding agreement and no cash changes hands. Read more here

Government Support for Employers and Businesses including charities and CICs

The Government have a package of support for businesses including charities and social enterprise (where applicable) including:

  • Job Retention Scheme
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Support for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Businesses
  • Support for nursery businesses that pay business rates
  • Support for businesses that pay little or no business rates
  • Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme
  • Support for businesses through deferring VAT and income tax payments
  • Support for businesses paying tax: Time to Pay service

Information on all of these measures can be found: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-employers-and-businesses-about-covid-19/covid-19-support-for-businesses

Further information for employers, employees and businesses can be found at the following sites:




Furlough & Job Support Scheme

The Job Retention Scheme (furlough) will be extended from 5 November until September 2021. More information about this scheme can be found here

Financial support for businesses

As of 1 July 2021, all national Government grant schemes are now closed. This includes Small Business Grant Fund and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund, Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund, Local Restrictions Support Grants and Restart Grants.

Loans and Social Investment

Big Society Capital Loan/Social Investment Fund

£100M has been made available (a large proportion by repurposing existing funding) for social enterprises, charities and businesses in economically disadvantaged areas affected by the current pandemic. Larger and smaller loans/social investments are available, with more details available via this link.

Cultural Impact Development Fund

In the face of Covid-19, Nesta has changed the model of this loan-based fund to include grant funding. The fund, designed to offer flexible finance to arts and culture organisations working with the people and communities in greatest need, will now include grants up to 50 per cent of the total investment.

Each investment offer will be bespoke and tailored to the circumstances of each organisation. The fund seeks to invest in organisations that aim to build sustainable business models, such as by using the investment to:

  • develop a new income stream
  • grow an existing strand of work
  • purchase essential equipment
  • refurbish a building
  • pre-fund a fundraising campaign.

£25,000 to £150,000. Registered arts and culture organisations. No deadline. Read more here.

Other Free Support Available

Free business support for charities from the Cranfield Trust

Here are some of the ways Cranfield Trust can help you – all these services are free for charities to access:

  • 1:1 telephone support – from experts on topics including finance, communication, and business contingency planning.
  • HRNet – tailored HR and employment advice for charities. (Due to differences in legislation, HRNet is only available to charities in England and Wales).
  • Management Consultancy – longer term support, to help your charity thrive.
  • Mentoring – personal support for leaders in difficult times. A senior level ‘critical friend’, someone who can share their knowledge and experience, whilst supporting you to consider your leadership decisions and impact.

To find out more and get help for your charity, please email admin@cranfieldtrust.org or visit www.cranfieldtrust.org


Power to Change support package

In collaboration with strategic partners, Power to Change has launched a support package for community businesses as we move forward into the new normal. This support package includes a range of activities, from webinars to short intensive programmes, for community business leaders to hone their skills and develop peer networks, helping them to continue to play a vital role in their communities. Partners involved include the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Eastside Primetimers, Locality and the Plunkett Foundation. Read more here.

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