Guide to investing in your relationships

Good relationships protect our mental health and wellbeing at any stage of life. People who are more socially connected are happier, physically healthier and live longer. Loneliness can be toxic to our wellbeing – our health declines earlier and we can have shorter lifespans. It’s important to remember that it is good, supportive relationships that protect our bodies and our minds. This guide from the Mental Health Foundation will outline what each of us can do to create better relationships with ourselves, with the people we are close to, and with those around us.

Avoiding video conferencing fatigue while working remotely

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more professionals are working remotely from their homes to practice social distancing. Accordingly, there has been an increased use of video conferencing technology, both for work and socialising. While video conferencing allows users to interact face-to-face virtually, many have reported feelings of exhaustion following video calls External link that were not experienced when meeting in person. This resource from UCL School of Management looks at how you can avoid video conferencing burnout.

Money & Mental Health - Practical Financial Skills to Manage Money

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • How financial debt and money worries impact people’s mental health
  • The importance of practical financial skills and how it helps with mental health
  • Practical, useful tips and advice and other useful information and links to external resources
  • Access the guide here

How to overcome fear and anxiety

How to overcome fear and anxiety, a guide by the Mental Health Foundation.

Guide to Tax Debt and Mental Health

Rift has created an in-depth guide on caring for mental health when dealing with debt. The guide covers uUnderstanding the impact of debt to mental health. Advice for dealing with debt. What to do if debt problems begin affecting your mental health and more.

Supporting your child’s mental health as they return to school during COVID-19

If you need help supporting your child’s mental health as they return to school during COVID-19, UNICEF has published advice on how parents can help their children navigate their feelings during school reopenings.

Looking after your mental health as we come out of lockdown

For many of us, the gradual easing of lockdown brings longed-for opportunities (even if at a social distance) – to see friends, play sports, resume contact with family in ‘real space’ or get back to work that we value.

But for many of us, even the happy, much anticipated changes can be difficult for our mental health.

And for many others the prospect of coming out of lockdown when debate is still live about the science supporting it can be a real worry. This may especially apply to those more vulnerable to the virus and those of us with mental health concerns. give some useful tips and advice follow the link:

NT LIFE's Little Box of Hope

While we can’t share the physical contents of the Little Box of Hope online, we wanted to give you access to the poems, resources and exercises that were included. There is also a list of the physical contents of the LBOH if you would like to recreate one for somebody you know (or yourself if you wish).

COVID-19: Psychological First Aid Course

Free psychological first aid (PFA) training to help people with different needs to cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19 from Future Learn

Guide to housing and financial support available for veterans

This guide is designed to help veterans access advice on mental health, finance and housing and will be regularly updated.

Wellbeing pack

Sodexo has put together this wellbeing pack which features simple exercises, top tips for mindful living and wellbeing tips.

Money Saving Expert's Mental Health & Debt 2020 guide

Money Saving Expert has put together this useful guide on mental health and debt. The guide contains help, information, guidance and support for
individuals and carers.

How to look after your mental health

The Mental Health Foundation has produced a free publication on how to look after your mental health.

5 Minute Journal from 11:11 Mindfulness Training

This journal contains a range of simple, mindful activities for anyone from beginners to experts to do daily, alone or with loved ones, to help prevent stress and emotional turbulence and bring a little peace and clarity, both mentally and physically – with organisational tools and planners included! Pick one activity to start with, remember how to document how these make you feel! Dedicate a notebook to your journal notes. There’s also space to write in here too!

Dreamcatcher and Wellbeing Jar

Wellbeing printables to keep you busy. Design your own dreamcatcher and my wellbeing jar designed around the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing.

Thrive at Home

Online courses from Future Learn to help you better understand work-life balance, mental health and motivation so that you can thrive at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Little Book of WINS

The Little Book of WINS (Wellbeing in Novel Situations) from the Centre for Thriving Places is based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, an evidence-based approach for boosting wellbeing and resilience in the everyday.

Self Isolation recovery pack journal

The Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust has developed a comprehensive guide to looking after your mental health and wellbeing during isolation. It contains a host of tips and suggestions for keeping well, along with a self isolation recovery pack journal.

Patient and carer involvement information from the NHS

The Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear NHS Trust is producing regular downloadable COVID-19 specific Involvement Communications to Service Users and Carers. Topics include wellbeing, advice for carers, physical health, social distancing etc. It is updated regularly.

Psychological Resilience Through the Pandemic

This document, produced by CBT specialist Dr Kate Castle, aims to provide evidence-based, self-help information and tips for getting through the coronavirus pandemic, based on psychology, resilience research and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Covid-19 Time Capsule Download

Long Creations has produced a printable 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule resource for all ages – a great resource to remind people of their time in lockdown.

Coping During the Pandemic

The Recovery College has a free online guest course on coping during the pandemic.

Therapy for You

Therapy for You has a range of free online CBT-based courses delivered by NHS therapists, which have been developed to help you understand your problems and build on the coping skills you already use. Treatment is delivered through a series of video sessions that you can complete any time and at your own pace. You get to choose where you do it too – out and about, at home or anywhere you get an internet connection.

Coursera Together: Free online learning during COVID-19

To help our community during this critical time, Coursera Together has launched new, free resources, as well as surfacing interesting course collections, community discussions, and expert interviews. They will continue to update this list with new resources as they find them.

Learning Curve Group fully funded Level 2 online courses

The Learning Curve Group has over 40 fully funded online courses available for you to sign up to and complete online. Each learner is responsible for following the below link to complete their individual enrolment onto their chosen course.