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There’s a new kind of superhero in North Tyneside

Young people are often portrayed in a negative light in the media, but we have to disagree. We work with a range of young volunteers at VODA and see on a daily basis their hard work, passion and commitment to making North Tyneside a better place to live, work and visit. Young volunteers help out in a range of ways, such youth work, digital action, dance, sports and much more.

To showcase these unsung heroes, we’ve put together this video.

Youth volunteering North Tyneside from Robin on Vimeo.

The young volunteers show that they are proud of the difference they make to people’s lives and also acknowledge the benefits of volunteering for them.

“It gives you a sense of a achievement and makes a difference in people’s lives”.

“I’ve gained new skills and confidence.”

“I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively with children.”

“Volunteering is fun – the best decision I ever made.”

If you would like to know more about youth volunteering, please get in touch.

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John Spence school seeks links to voluntary organisations

From September 2019, the Year 7 students at John Spence Community High School will participate in the Youth Leader Award designed by the Archbishop of York Trust. A significant element of the Award is volunteering and as such, the school is building this into their ‘Our Community’ curriculum that will develop over the coming years.

The school is committed to ensuring all students are ‘Fit for Life’ when they leave at 16 and an important element of this commitment is nurturing a sense of social responsibility. They have built in a commitment of 10 hours volunteering for all Year 7 students in the next academic year.

The volunteering component of the Youth Leader Award can be divided into three strands: Personal, School and Community. It is the final strand of Community volunteering where they are looking from support from local organisations.

The school is keen to work with seven local organisations each of which would be linked to one of the Year 7 form classes. The precise nature of the activity would vary depending on the nature, need and size of the organisation, so the school would work individually with any interested group to make sure that the students complement rather than hinder your day to day activity.

Volunteering activities may include:
• Fundraising activities such as bake sales or supermarket bag packs
• Design of publicity materials, organisation promotion or awareness raising
• Helping at local community events
• Painting your offices (under careful supervision!)

The organisations that take part will benefit not just from the volunteering time of the students, but also from having the input of fresh ideas from the young people involved.

The school would require each organisation to be able to provide the opportunity for up to three hours of volunteering for each student in a form class (maximum 25) across an academic year; this would not necessarily be all at the same time. There will be a planning phase and the school would not be expecting any volunteering to take place prior to October half term at the earliest. The school is committed to ensure the students are well prepared to volunteer and also they will promote your organisation via social media, website and newsletter as part of their Student Volunteering network.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further then please contact the Headteacher Jonathan Heath jonathan.heath@ntlp.org.uk, or Kate Winder kate.winder@ntlp.org.uk who is the Youth Leader Award programme leader in school. Or you can call 0191 296 1432.

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