12 Days of Christmas from NT LIFE

We know that this year has been a challenging one, coming out of lockdowns, stretched services and the rise in the cost of living. There seems to be challenges at every turn, so we are attempting to address the balance with as much Christmas spirit and positivity as we can.
Due to the fantastic response we’ve had this year, we have had to limit our Christmas offers to individuals who have attended this year, rather than new applicants.  However, the effort from our team to make this an extra special Christmas, reducing isolation and improving outlooks by creating connections and positive memories has been phenomenal.
Most of the activities on offer in December will create items that we intend to gift to people on our waiting list, to remind them that we are here and the opportunity to attend next year is here.
We were so excited to share our upcoming Christmas activities, we decided to put them in in song form – see video below. You can also view the activities in more detail on Facebook and you can view the 12 days of Christmas timetable here. Make sure you watch to the end for the outtakes and a message of thanks. It is really worth watching until the end, it’s just over 5 minutes and a definite lift to the spirits.
And last but by no means least thank you for continuing to support NT LIFE Recovery College and our services. We will have our January timetable available soon.


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