Sector Connector for Voluntary Organisations

Get Help for your organisation through Sector Connector

Voluntary and Community groups often need to access additional resources which can make their work more sustainable, and help build skills and capacity within trustee, staff and volunteer teams.  So it makes sense to link up with businesses that have the resources to help.

What are the Benefits of engaging with businesses through Sector Connector?

As a result of accessing support from Sector Connector, your organisation can benefit in several ways:

  • Savings on the cost of training delivered through Sector Connector workshops or through free training offered by Sector Connector businesses and that the voluntary organisations would otherwise have to pay for;
  • Savings on the cost of advice and expertise that is provided pro bono or at discount by Sector Connector businesses and that the voluntary organisations would otherwise have to pay for;
  • Savings on the cost of work undertaken by Sector Connector corporate volunteers that the voluntary organisations would otherwise have to pay for:
  • Savings on the cost of resources, materials, furniture etc. donated by Sector Connector businesses that the voluntary organisations would otherwise have to purchase
  • Development of long-term relationships with some businesses which might result in sponsorship, fundraising, financial support etc.
  • Potential to access trustees with a business background

How can Sector Connector link your organisation with businesses that want to make a difference?

Sector Connector has a large number of businesses and public sector bodies from across the North East who are actively committed to supporting local groups and organisations in North Tyneside that need help and business skills.  The type of support on offer is extensive.  A full list of organisations currently signed up to work with Sector Connector in some capacity can be found here.

Find out more about Sector Connector

If you are interested in making a difference in your community through the sector connector project, please complete the expression of interest form and we’ll get back to you:

Current Sector Connector Offers

Northumbria University Business Clinic

Northumbria University’s Business Clinic uses undergraduate and postgraduate business students to provide a range of consultancy advice, including: review of IT systems and recommendations, strategic marketing reviews; brand audits and reviews feasibility studies on strategic decisions or expansion etc. There is some free of charge consultancy advice for charities, so if there is a challenge […]

Websites for £250

How does the idea of having your very own custom-designed website for just £250 sound? We’ve partnered with Jackdaw Web Design to develop this exciting opportunity for charities and community groups in North Tyneside. For just £250, Jackdaw Web Design will work with you to create a professionally-built WordPress website with five pages, giving you […]

Tynemouth Decorators

Tynemouth Decorators is offering local voluntary and community organisations a 10% discount for painting and decorating work and is also willing to supply materials at cost price. In addition, Tynemouth Decorators may be able to provide paint free of charge to some voluntary organisations. If you’re interested contact Ian Dodds..

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