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Helix Arts’ Falling On Your Feet is a dance and health programme, with people aged 65+ who are living independently. Regular workshops lead to high quality co-choreographed sessions which often lead to collaborative dance pieces. Participants create beautiful art, develop strength and flexibility, and make new friends. Every session crucially has time to share, socially and support people’s wider well-being.Every week participants will have the chance to get fit and active with our free, online sessions with dancers. They will join expert choreographers who will lead virtual dance classes that they can take part in from the comfort of their home. All they need is access to the internet and a webcam. Artists from groups that used to take place in Middlesbrough, North Tyneside, Durham and Sunderland will start off our dance sessions. First come first served. Existing members and new members welcome.

Connector Volunteer role description

‘Connector’ volunteers will offer social connections in and outside of dance sessions, supporting and facilitating the social time at the end of Falling on Your Feet classes. ‘Connector’ volunteers will:

●Join in workshops to support community well-being

●Engage participants in conversation, ensure they feel welcome, listen

●Encourage community voices to be heard within the group

●Join in social groups within workshops to offer support and group interaction

●Act as an offline social contact on the phone

●Support information need and signpost to Helix Arts and other partners

Main Tasks and Activities of the role

The participation volunteer will use pre-prepared Helix Arts programme material to promote the programme to community groups and individuals. They will contact community groups with promotional material to raise awareness of the programme, and act as first point of contact for any new recruited participants. They will join in workshops and support the social interaction within groups.

About Helix Arts

Helix Arts works with artists, in partnership with public and voluntary sector organisations, to create opportunities for people to participate in high quality arts activity.

What skills do I need?

Skills, qualities and experience

Participation volunteers will be:●Friendly and approachable●Good communicators●Confident to develop new networks in the wider community to promote Falling on YourFeet


●Promote self confidence and esteem●Nurture communication skills●Provide networking opportunities●Gain knowledge and understanding of latest art and tech ideas.


●An induction to Helix Arts and your role●Helix Arts will provide all programme information and promotional material●You will be briefed on Helix Arts’ ‘house style’ for all communications●Introduction to groups and artists●Connect interests and skills to role areas●Support ongoing skills development.

Training and Expenses

Reasonable out of pocket travel and refreshments will be reimbursed.The following expenses will be paid by Helix Arts, subject to prior agreement and the production of receipts:●Travel on public transport between the volunteer’s home address and Helix Arts’ office,or elsewhere at the request of Helix Arts.●Mileage at the rate of 45 pence per mile if the volunteer uses their own car to travel between their home address and Helix Arts’ office, or elsewhere at the request of Helix Arts.●When volunteering takes place remotely, task-specific, reasonable out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed as agreed with Helix Arts.

Supervision Arrangements

●You will be invited to a briefing about Falling on Your Feet and tasks related to the role●You will receive support from a member of staff to ensure you feel confident in your role.This will be discussed at your first meeting with Helix Arts.

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